103119 Available For Pre-Order Now!

103119 Limited Edition Cassette

103119 Limited Edition Cassette

The time draws near once again! Pre-orders are live for the next installment of the 103119 series. Available on limited edition cassette, compact disc, and all digital formats alongside a new t-shirt. Last years tapes were a big seller, so act quick to claim yours before you lose the chance! Album releases October 30th! Happy Halloween!


  1. Intro

  2. 103119

  3. Becoming (feat. M.M.M.F.D.)

  4. Harbingers Of The End (feat. The J. Hexx Project, Labrynthine & J Reno)

  5. Warlock (feat. Damien Quinn)

  6. Taking Over Me (feat. Keagan Grimm & McNastee)

  7. Fade To Black (feat. Mars)

Album drops Oct. 30th, 2019. Pre-order limited edition cassette tape, CD, and t-shirt now at badmind666.com Written, performed, mixed, and mastered by Bad Mind.