Devil'z Nite 2018 Has Arrived

Devil’z Nite 2018

Devil’z Nite 2018

The time has finally arrived…

Devil’z Nite has finally returned, in a huge way! I did a LOT of work behind the scenes, between helping get tracks chosen, a TON of mastering work, a bit of production and even a mixdown or two. Myself and Menacide we’re slaves to this thing for the past couple of weeks, but it’s been so worth it.

To me, this is one of the best Devil’z Nite compilations ever released. So many great tracks all over the place (and even the return of Q-Strange)! I’m still floored by how good this turned out.

I even had to make some compromises to my own track to make sure it flowed well on the overall album.

BUT… I’m presenting the full alternative version of my track from the compilation featuring an extra verse from The J. Hexx Project! Check it out below, along with BOTH playlists of the Devil’z Nite 2018 compilation (split up as DISC ONE and DISC TWO):